My young  grandchildren don’t know this yet. It is a peculiar circumstance of their time and ours, that what we do about the climate problem in the next 10 years or so will count for or against their happiness much more than anything long life could bring.

  our grandkids’ future ...

That’s why I made this website: so we can all understand what experts understand too well - that the climate system on Earth is changing fast; that our arguments and delays are futile; and that neglecting our responsibility to these young kids would be an inexcusable moral failure.

It wouldn’t be necessary, except that  a lot of misinformation and propaganda has been put around, so even thoughtful people regard the issue with confusion & doubt.

THE PROBLEM       Why we have to go in to bat for our grandkids

FOUR SIGNS OF TROUBLE       Signposts to the future

CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENCE     An introduction in three parts

CONSEQUENCES        What to expect in a hot world

HOW HOT?      What is at stake for our descendants

WHAT WE NEED TO DO     A prescription for the climate problem

FOR STUDENTS & TEACHERS    A middle-school level course introducing climate change science

LINKS       Web resources & further reading

OCCASIONAL PIECES      Essays on various topics


About me ...

I’m a retired physician & university teacher, living near Ipswich, Australia.

Two things provoked my interest in the climate problem - reading Tim Flannery’s book, and the arrival of my grandchildren.

I feel concerned, as many climate scientists do, that their clear understanding of the problem hasn’t been conveyed to the rest of us - so we can’t be effective advocates for the people of the future.

John Price

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This short e-book can be downloaded to an iPad for free by clicking on the cover, or going to the iBook Store. It was designed to be a useful introduction for senior school science students, teachers, or anyone who wants to understand the climate problem better.