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The resources here are freely available for your use & may be reproduced with acknowledgement.

This is a brief & simple explanation for middle school kids of the nature and origins of the climate problem.

This unit supplies more detail on the sources of our scientific knowledge of the climate problem, and what would be entailed in a solution to it.

This somewhat more detailed account of the problem is written for middle to senior kids, and covers the principles of a response.

This unit provides a context for the climate problem by using some of the insights of Earth system science and human ecology.

This essay attempts to show why a small amount of surface warming is really a big geophysical change with many consequences.

This essay explores the phenomenon of climate denial, in order to show that it is not a scientific controversy, but a political & cultural one.

This is an iBook. It can be downloaded for free from the iBook Store and read on any device that can run the iBooks app.

It will be suitable for middle to senior classes, or anyone who wants to understand the problem from a basic background of scientific understanding.

It covers the origins of the problem, consequences and solutions.

Click on the cover to go to the iBooks Store.

If you don't have access to a gadget, use this link to get a PDF version. Certain features (embedded movies; live glossary) won't work.

This short introductory video simply explains the concept of the climate problem, the reason we have a problem and why it's urgent that we get involved in its solution without delay. Opens in Youtube.

This 30 minute talk explains the nature of the climate problem with its human ecological background, and why it is important for everyone to become an advocate for the people of the future. The link opens the video in Youtube.

This 15 minute video looks at the problem of managing sea-level rise and the great difficulty it will pose for officials and all of us in the years - and centuries - ahead ... unless we get busy pretty soon to deal with its cause. Links to Youtube.